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Posted by on April 10, 2014. is a small independent organization with no allegience to any vendor, publisher, doctrine or dogma. Its purpose is to present and dicuss information security in a new and challenging manner. Every post on this site is the opinion and view of its individual author. takes no view itself – it is a conduit for multiple viewpoints.

What you will not find on these pages are recycled press releases; vendor or government propaganda; or unchallenged statistics.

What you will find is an analysis of the issues that underpin the news, so that you can better understand news events in the wider context of national, international and cyber affairs.

Not everyone will agree; and readers are invited to voice their opinions in the comments sections. Everyone except trolls is welcome.

The site comprises a community of specially selected and invited of independent thought leaders. Each author writes what he or she wishes. There is no editor and no editorial direction. Just independent thought and opinions.

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