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Privacy Policy

Posted by on April 8, 2014. believes in privacy and the right to anonymity on the internet. We collect no information from our visitors.

The one exception to this is the name and email address of commenters (which is a necessary part of the commenting process). Although everybody should feel free to say whatever they want under their own name (except for clearly illegal racist and hate comments which should not be said at all), if you have any concerns over this we would suggest using a nom-de-plume. If you have any concerns over using your email address, use a discardable web-mail address. For added safety and ease of mind, put a filter on the account that will send everything sent to your discardable email address straight to the trash bin.

We do not accept advertising. This should keep the site free from malvertising, and ensure that no other organization places a cookie on your computer via this site. We would at anyrate recommend that you set your browser to reject or remove all cookies at the end of each session.

We cannot predict the future. For example, we may at some point produce an email newsletter. If this were to happen we would need to store subscribers’ email addresses. We would then have to amend this policy statement – so we recommend that you periodically return to review our policy. We will, however, never release any user information to a third party other than under legal duress.

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