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Hello, ITsecurity

Posted by on May 24, 2014.


I’m David Harley, a veteran independent researcher and commentator with around twenty-five years involvement in the security industry (mostly as a corporate customer, but since 2006 as a researcher within the industry), with a particular interest in malware management and technology. It’s unlikely that I’ll restrict myself to talking about that, though.

I currently hold the position of Senior Research Fellow with the security company ESET, but the opinions I express here are my own, and I will not be doing any backdoor marketing. I mention that affiliation purely in the interests of full disclosure.

If you’ve come across me in other contexts, you might think that there are enough outlets already for my dubious writing talents, but when Kevin told me about his plans for a new, determinedly independent blog site, I knew it was likely to be something special. I’m honoured to have been invited to contribute, and I promise to try not to get you sued, Kevin.

My next post will have more in the way of security content. 🙂

David Harley
Small Blue-Green World


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