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Security: Teksquisite style

Posted by on May 25, 2014.

Let’s call this is my first official Hello World blog Post for IT Security. I am known around the web as Teksquisite. I’ve been in the security realm (in one form or another) as a (wayback) hacker, malware chaser, Microsoft Windows guru (at one time), and bad-boy-tic-on-Internet-scammers for twenty years now. I am a Southern Oregon geek and a self-employed IT consultant. Currently, I consult in the areas of Internet security, privacy,WordPress security, and hold a strong interest in social media security as well.

Sporadic Blogger

I ghost blog, guest blog, contribute blog, and blog-blog in myriad areas that often leave me scratching my head in confusion. Not that I am ever confused about what I choose to write about, it’s more about the end result. In my arena of blogging — it all depends upon passion. If I don’t feel the oomph or boom boom pow  — I quietly delegate any (uninspired) post to draft incarceration. Some people call this procrastination. I don’t.

My blog has been on a consistent diet of sporadic posts for about two years now. There is a story behind the sporadic posts at my blog, and you will have to remind me to blog about that someday. I am also a regular blogger over at GetCocoon, an occasional blogger at Experts-Exchange, and attempting to be a regular contributor at TripWire, and here.

At this very moment I am writing this intro post and a GetCocoon post on bad ads — that currently leaves my blog on an Ethiopian diet.

On Security

I believe in proactive security and in beefing up security on everything that I work with. In the past I’ve suffered through two WordPress hacks; one major social media hack (that included two Gmail accounts via a Malaysian hactivist); two DDoS attacks (for pissing off blackhat affiliates); two cyberstalkers (one even landed on my front doorstep); a NYT malvertising ad; and a pissed off ex who threatened to break my knee caps. I discovered via hacking his network (the one I initially created), that he was scamming a company that I had strong connections with.

I’m not the type of gal who waits around for a security breach. Instead, I choose to remain on the side of paranoia  — though it might be an unhealthy state to remain in, it keeps the adrenalin flowing and the hackles up.


Twitter has been my favorite platform since early 2009, and is also the platform where I discover the most connections to malware sources and blackhat affiliates. If I was not such a sporadic blogger, I  would certainly be zoning in on my findings over time.

What’s Next?

I’m not sure since I am just introducing myself here at IT Security. Future blog posts will involve some aspect of security  — that’s a given. Until next time…


Cheers from Southern Oregon!






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