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Another example of GCHQ leading the British press by the nose

Posted by on June 10, 2014.

The British spy agencies are masters of disinformation and misinformation — and their ability to maneuver public opinion through manipulating the mainstream press knows no bounds.

A little piece in the Telegraph over the weekend is an example. An unnamed source provides unspecified details of non-specific numbers on uncategorised threats. Nevertheless, the Telegraph is able to extrapolate:

A senior intelligence source said hundreds of drug lords and people traffickers had gone to ground after being alerted to methods of detection used by GCHQ.
Quarter of criminals being watched by GCHQ have gone off radar since Snowden leaks

This makes no sense. It is said to represent about 25% of the criminals being monitored by GCHQ. That implies that law enforcement had grounds for suspicion of the targets in question — which means that interception warrants would have been rubber stamped by the Home Office. So firstly, it is GCHQ’s illegal mass surveillance that is the cause. Without that mass surveillance nothing would have been exposed in the Snowden files and their legal surveillance of targeted criminals would have remained clandestine.

Secondly, can we really believe that GCHQ would themselves alert the remaining 75% of drug lords and people traffickers to the need for going to ground by highlighting that 25% of their peers are sufficiently concerned that they have already dropped off the radar?

I don’t think so.

This is just another example of GCHQ attempting to manipulate public opinion into damning Snowden and praising GCHQ’s efforts to protect the people; and thereby accepting the necessity of GCHQ’s illegal and immoral mass surveillance of the British people.

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