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Cameron is destroying anything worth defending – the terrorists have already won

Posted by on July 10, 2014.

David Cameron (credit: Reuters/Pascal Rossignol)

David Cameron (credit: Reuters/Pascal Rossignol)

Anybody who knows anything about how the intelligence services lead the British government by the nose will not be surprised:

Britain said on Thursday it would rush through emergency legislation to force telecoms firms to retain customer data for a year, calling the move vital for national security following a decision by Europe’s top court.
Britain unveils emergency laws to keep email, phone data for security

What this means is that in a secret rushed deal done behind closed doors by the three leading parties, Britain will reestablish in UK law that which the European Court of Justice has declared to be contrary to the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). In April this year the European Court declared the European Data Retention Directive to be invalid because it contravenes basic human rights. See European Court dumps the Data Retention Directive for details.

Cameron et al, however, do not care about human rights. They do not care about privacy and freedom. Instead they hide behind the cloak of ‘national security’ (remember that the ‘war on terror’ is an invented war stoked by western politicians and money men to justify maintaining the oil status quo in the Middle East). Terrorism is indeed a serious threat today; but that threat has been cultivated by Blair, Brown and Cameron in the UK, and Bush, Bush and Obama in the US.

And now it is too late. The terrorists have already won. If the government declares that it needs special powers to protect our way of life we have already lost. This total surveillance that is gradually being installed makes our current way of life not worth defending.

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