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Back-to-school advice

Posted by on August 23, 2014.

I apologize in advance: I don’t intend to pack my occasional posts here with references to my colleagues at ESET, and I’m sure there’s good advice on similar topics around from other bloggers, but for obvious reasons, I tend to see a lot of the writing they produce even before it’s published, whereas there are a lot of perfectly sound security blogs to which I’m not subscribed. And I couldn’t help noticing a common thread to a couple of articles that have just come out. It’s commonly assumed (especially by children) that all children know more about technology and therefore about IT security than their parents – or grandparents – but I suspect that most of us are still concerned about the safety of our children, even those of us who don’t consider themselves experts on security.

Cameron Camp, writing for the San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Business Action Online, offers advice for the newly e-quipped in Back-to-school e-tips: terse but to the point.

Lysa Myers, meanwhile, offers advice on How to protect your identity at school on the ESET blog site, pointing out that ‘Young people are targeted for data theft at 35 times the rate of adults…’

It’s not, of course, unusual for security bloggers to write about child safety and the Internet: Lysa and I (with some help from my daughter, who doesn’t work for ESET!) put together a lengthy piece on Privacy, Social Media, and the Younger Generation, in response to an enquiry by a student in the US.

Other security blog sites are available. So I hear.

David Harley
Small Blue-Green World
ESET Senior Research Fellow


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