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Human Rights: Cameron’s popularity is the UK’s tragedy

Posted by on October 5, 2014.

The first major poll after the Conservative Party Conference shows strong public support for Cameron’s plan to scrap the Human Rights Act. According to YouGov, 48% of the public agree with Cameron.

colours do not represent parties – just people

colours do not represent parties – just people

Personally I hope that this is a false figure that will diminish into insignificance as opponents enter the argument — so far all we have heard is the government position.

I would like to see the European Political Federation reversed into what I voted for: a European Common Market. But the Human Rights Act must remain.

Do we really want a government that

  • spies indiscriminately on friend, foe and its own people
  • threatens free press
  • threatens free speech generally
  • is building a national DNA database
  • censors the internet
  • introduces a data retention act in defiance if the European Court’s declaration that it is unconstitutional
  • has anti-terrorism laws capable of defining the boyfriend of a journalist as a terrorist (and could define any one of us as a terrorist)
  • will reintroduce the snooper’s charter at its earliest opportunity
  • does everything it can to foster resentment between the moslem and christian communities
  • is belligerent in the Middle East and the Ukraine

to have total control over human rights in the UK?

I hope not.

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