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We are all victims of the War on Terror

Posted by on January 25, 2015.

I find it really sad that we apparently have no idea how we are manipulated by our political masters. The reality is, we need someone to fear. So long as we are afraid, we are docile. So long as we are docile, we will not react to the huge injustices in our own society. The inequality. The siphoning of wealth from those who create it to those who already own most of it. The loss of freedom and liberty. The constant surveillance.

We used to have someone to fear — the reds under the bed; the creeping communist internationale; the nuclear shadow. But perestroika and glasnost blew it all away. It should have been a new dawn of hope — but hope breeds unrest. When people get some improvement, they seek more. And that is something that the ruling classes cannot tolerate.

Fear had to be reintroduced — and there was a ready candidate in Iran and Islamic fundamentalism. But Iran on its own is simply no comparison to the Red Threat of nuclear Russia/China. So Iranian fundamentalism had to be fanned into a worldwide Islamic jihadist movement. And since the collapse of the Soviet Union the greater part of western foreign — and even domestic policy — has been directed at just that.

Now I’m not saying that there is no jihadist terrorist threat. But what I am saying is that the west has purposely made it greater than it ever would have been if tackled diplomatically. Instead the west has armed one Islamic group to fight another group and then gone to war against the victor. It seeks to make trillions of dollars out of the natural resources of foreign countries, and then again goes to war to protect the petrodollar in order to make even more money. And it tells lies to its own people to justify that war.

It is no different domestically. In so many subtle and not so subtle ways the state promotes Islamophobia while publicly decrying it. It fights a war against the burkha because the burkha could hide a terrorist. Cowboys and Indians has progressed through cops and robbers to agents and terrorists. And always the terrorists are archetypal Muslims with beards and turbans and floppy robes.

Would the Innocence of Muslims have been allowed if it had been the Innocence of Blacks? Did you notice how it changed to western freedom versus Islamic barbarity? Are the anti-Muslim cartoons really that innocent? But again, they’ve become liberty versus barbaric tyranny.

And now we have Hollywood — always a fervent supporter of the American dream and American world supremacy — turning the screw with American Sniper. I haven’t seen it; but it seems to be a film glorying in the remote slaying of well over 100 human beings. And it is taking the hate register to a new level:


The reality is that no popular movement has ever been stopped by force. Before the Jews in Palestine became Israeli citizens they were terrorists. Before the IRA (in the name of Sinn Fein) became part of the government of Northern Ireland, they were terrorists. The Mau Mau terrorists of the 1950s are now hailed as freedom fighters by the independent Kenyan government. Nelson Mandela was considered a terrorist before he became a president. The list just goes on.

The only way that terrorism is ever stopped is by diplomacy. A political solution is needed now. But that simply does not suit western politics. The War on Terror is Orwell’s ‘perpetual unwinnable war’. Its purpose is to keep us docile, unquestioning, and thankful. And it’s still working. We’re all victims.

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