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Why I will not vote

Posted by on March 21, 2015.

We have an election here in the UK, coming to a school/village hall near you very soon. Once again, I will not vote.

There are people who disagree with my stand. They say that I have a duty to vote, and that voting should be compulsory. I do not – and compulsory voting would be a catastrophe. The latter would strip away the last legal democratic action available to me; and I still will not vote.

My reasoning is very simple. We do not have democracy in the UK. Democracy requires the ascendency of the will of the people, and we do not have that. What we have is rule by the status quo: that is, a system totally geared towards and for control by the banks, big business and the international ruling classes.

The people of the United Kingdom are entirely irrelevant except for one purpose – to periodically legitimize the status quo. That is what I will not do. I will not legitimize the liars who use elections to claim the right to disregard the people.

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