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Coming soon: Insights into the world of CISOs

Posted by on April 6, 2015.

insight1_160x160Insights is a new weekly series commencing 13 April 2015. It will do what it says – provide insights into the world of Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs). Most of the articles we read about CISOs are journalists’ interpretations (usually spun to maximize impact) or vendors’ preferences (usually spun to maximize sales).

This is different. It is, with apologies to the CISOs, straight from the horse’s mouth. Insights will draw its content from the Chatham House Rule discussions of the CISOs themselves, members of the Wisegate community. Here CISOs discuss their problems and seek and offer advice to other CISOs without any outside interference.

The Wisegate community comprises many hundreds of CISOs and CIOs from leading US and international organizations and corporations; and it is growing fast. It is without doubt already the world’s leading forum for CISO peer-to-peer private conversation.

ITsecurity is privileged to be granted the opportunity to present the outcome of such conversations in a series of articles and video blogs conforming to the same Chatham House Rule. These will provide a unique insight into what the security leaders charged with securing their companies really think and are actually doing in the battle against hackers, identity thieves, naive users, regulations, and industrial (and sometimes political) espionage.

The first article will look at the role of the CISO and its position within corporate hierarchy – but this will be what the CISOs think and believe rather than what journalists and analysts think it should be. Subsequent articles will look at the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC), the use of roles in identity and access management, PCI conformance, how to handle phishing, and more…

Don’t miss this opportunity to find out what is really happening rather than what vested interests want us to believe.

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