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Introducing Kevin Townsend

Posted by on April 13, 2015.

I have been a freelance writer specializing in information technology for all of my working life. For the last fifteen years I have specialized in information security, starting in 1999 with the foundation of I sold to Tippit Inc in the mid-noughties (but retained Tippit Inc sold it on to Ziff Davis.

More recently I spent two years writing UK and EU news stories for Infosecurity Magazine. During that time I became increasingly disillusioned with the way in which news is produced and delivered. Put succinctly I came to the belief that the news is owned by the big publishers, the vendors and the governments; and that they conspire to deliver both the news and its spin that best suits their own purposes.

This is the inspiration behind It is a site in which there is no concept of owner or editor or publisher. No money is involved anywhere. No-one is paid for what they write. No advertising nor advertiser influence is accepted. There is no editorial direction or influence. It is, in short, a community of independent specialists who write what they think and believe.

I am currently Live Research Section Editor at Wisegate. Wisegate is a closed community of senior CISOs and CIOs. The position involves continuous conversation with the world’s practicing experts in IT and security – and it is the source and inspiration for the Insights section of this website.

I live and work with my partner Kate, my son Josh, our two dogs and three-legged cat in Devon, just off Dartmoor.

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