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Classic mass phishing spam

Posted by on May 5, 2015.

Any email that starts ‘You don’t know me, but…’ is bound to be spam. I wasn’t disappointed — this is classic phishing spam. All I would have to do is click on a disguised link, enter some personal details including my home address and payment details and I would be eligible for a fantastic prize.

That’s where it started to unravel. The prize was a dinner date with pretty boy Hugh Grant. Now who on earth would offer a dinner date with Hugh Grant, who is dead keen to shackle the freedom of the press, to a journalist? Targeted phishing this ain’t.


But seriously. What is it about a general election that suddenly legalizes spam?

Don’t vote, you’ll just encourage the buggers.

Or, more accurately, don’t vote: every vote is an endorsement for a corrupt and undemocratic system that is designed to keep the people economically enslaved.

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