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Cameron’s argument on human rights

Posted by on June 4, 2015.

Cameron’s argument is that the UK should withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights so that British courts rather than Strasbourg should be the arbiter of human rights in Britain. It is a ridiculous argument. We talk about ‘human rights’ because they transcend nationality and geography.

People in North Korea have North Korean rights — but we do not consider that they have human rights. Human rights have to be defined and protected outside of nationalities.

Cameron wants to do the same in the UK as has been done in North Korea; to deny our ‘human rights’ and limit them to national rights. The problem with this argument is that he controls those rights — and his track record demonstrates that he has little affection for civil liberties.

He has also shown that he has little regard for democracy. Rushing through a law in defiance of human rights to enable the UK police and GCHQ to do what the European Court has declared to be illegal is just one example. Human Rights say we have a right to privacy. Cameron says we do not. And to make sure that we do not, he will withdraw the UK from the one jurisdiction that can argue with him.

This is democracy Cameron style. It is not democracy. When he says we will develop a British Bill of Rights, it will by definition be less than the European Convention on Human Rights. If he wished to increase our rights he could simply pass additional laws. He does not wish to add to civil liberties, he wishes to destroy them.

David Cameron is a very dangerous man.

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