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Did you see what they wrote about you? Phishing!

Posted by on June 13, 2015.

srmtitweetThe last thing you do when you get this message is click the link; because the first thing you think is, uh-oh – scam.

But, hey, this is a security company. Surely it can’t have been hacked? Maybe they’ve been deep diving into the dark web and have found something nice about me… or really nasty that I need to address.

But no, anyone can be hacked; and if you get this message just ignore it. You won’t be alone. Indeed, a quick look at the victim account shows that there are indeed other targets. There I am at the bottom just after LightningLolly and GrantGoldsmith.


There is, of course, a slim possibility that it isn’t a scam in the true sense but a bit of market research by SRMTi testing how gullible people are. So I weighed the odds and decided to click the link on a safe machine. Well, Google had got there before me — which is really reassuring.

Security error

The bottom line is simple. Don’t be gullible. If you are gullible, just hope that your browser is less gullible than you are. Phishing is a popular sport.

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