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Don’t let the Tories ditch the Human Rights Act

Posted by on June 27, 2015.

You may have had an email from the Lib Dems seeking support against Cameron’s plans to dump the Human Rights Act. It doesn’t matter which party you voted for (and I didn’t vote), we must stop Cameron. Please add your name to the petition seeking to protect human rights.


The Tory propaganda machine preparing support for removing the HRA has been in full swing for several years. We are told that it’s

  • to enable us to have our own immigration laws
  • to allow us to deport terrorists without interference
  • to decide for ourselves whether convicted prisoners should be allowed to vote
  • to ensure primacy of the British courts in Britain

These arguments are the popular jingoistic fodder of the lowest of the UK’s Tory press. They are not why Cameron wants out of the HRA.

There is one paragraph in the Lib Dem email that gets nearer the truth:

[The HRA] has held the state to account for spying on us, safeguarded our soldiers and supported peaceful protest. It’s helped rape victims, defended domestic violence victims, guarded against slavery, protected elderly couples in care and shielded press freedom.

Much of this Cameron doesn’t care about. What matters is the roadblock the HRA provides against his march towards a more authoritarian centralised state. Cameron wants full control over the internet; full access to everyone’s communications and long term indiscriminate retention of it; and freedom to impose whatever centralised national databases he wants (you can guarantee that the police DNA database will be expanded to include everyone as soon as the HRA is removed). Other things we can expect include removal of restrictions on pharmaceutical and insurance use of personal health data, and free rein for the GM industry to take over UK farming.

All of these are crimes against our human rights; and the only protection we have is the Human Rights Act. Cameron must not be allowed to take it away. Please sign the petition.

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