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Twitter: I’ve been added to another list…

Posted by on June 23, 2015.

Well, I’ve now been added to another Twitter list (see Twitter: a numbers game for kudos and scamming for an introduction). At this moment I’m included in 116 lists – the vast majority of which are simple scams. The number goes up and down a bit. When I don’t follow the parent account, I’m removed from the relevant list for a couple of weeks and then they try again.

I’m pretty certain this is not the first time I’ve been added to this particular list: ‘Brilliant Editors’.

Head over to the parent account (Best of tondo) and the headline figures are ‘following’ = 83, ‘followed by’ = 1887. That’s a healthy ratio, indicative of an account worth following.

But is it?

Tondo has 31 separate lists: Awesome Editors 2015; Great Editors 2015; Cool Editors 2015, Superb Editors 2015; Excellent Editors; Editors to lookout for; Editors with cool ideas; Top Editors on Twitter; Editors – Gamechangers; Good Editors on Twitter; Top Twitter Editors; Top Twitter Editors [yes, two of them]; Talented Editors; Editors worth following; Passionate Editors; Interesting Editors; Skilled Editors; Recommended Editors; Impressive Editors; Great Editors; Next Big Editors; First-class Editors; Ace Editors; Fast-Rising Editors; Superb Editors; Brilliant Editors; Cool Editors; Inspiring Editors; Popular Editors; Influential Editors; and World Class Editors. You probably gave up trying to read that – well I had to type it!

These lists follow a total of 126,937 fantabuloso editors – of which I am one. Add in the 83 accounts that Tondo actually admits to following and we have the true figure of 127,070 follows.

So the true follow/followed Tondo ratio is not 83:1887, but ‘following’ 127,070, ‘followed by’ 1887. And that is not nearly so attractive.

Don’t add me to any more lists because I just ain’t gonna follow back. And please, if you get added to the next great list, don’t follow back the parent account: it just encourages the buggers.

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