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Italian Silk Road darknet lookalike shut down by Europol

Posted by on July 31, 2015.

Europol has announced that along with the Italian authorities it has shut down what reads like an Italian Silk Road. The headline claims, “Darknet hidden service for child sexual abuse material shut down”.

Operation Babylon began two years ago when the Italian Postal and Communications Police uncovered a hidden service within the Darknet that was facilitating the exchange of child sexual abuse material. It was also servicing crime by hosting sellers of illegal commodities such as weapons, passport and identity documents, counterfeit and cloned credit cards, hacking services, and close to 210 sellers of drugs. The marketplace administrator earned a percentage from all of these transactions.

Although no names (neither a name for the service nor the name of the administrator) were released in the first Europol announcement, they will undoubtedly become clear in the next few days. In fact, the announcement doesn’t even even say if the administrator has been arrested, although his house has been raided and 14,000 bitcoin wallets found.

It’s all a bit sketchy for the moment, but we are bound to hear more soon.

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