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Lauri Love to face extradition hearing

Posted by on July 17, 2015.

Lauri Love (source: BBC)

Lauri Love (source: BBC)

Here we go again. Lauri Love, who was first arrested (but not charged) under the Computer Misuse Act almost two years ago has been rearrested on the original US charges and now faces an extradition hearing on 1 September. And yet, just two months ago, the UK police returned some confiscated items dating from the first arrest. What is new is the formal US extradition request.

The difference between the US judicial system and the UK system is one of degree. The UK, in theory at least, seeks to punish and rehabilitate. The US system seeks to make a very public example in order to frighten other potential transgressors. In order to frighten people, you have to be really scary – and the FBI’s use of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is really scary. Scary enough, you may recall, to persuade Aaron Swartz to take his own life.

Lauri Love is a British citizen. He committed his alleged crime while in Britain. Surely this requires a trial under the British justice system and not the US system? And surely our government must protect its citizens from foreign judicial systems that are totally out of sync with our own theories of justice.

Lauri Love should be tried in the UK.

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