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My all-time favourite Dilbert strip

Posted by on July 2, 2015.

It is my all-time favourite Dilbert strip. The Boss and Catbert are sat in the Boardroom. They are secretly listening, over the intercom, to a private conversation between Alice and Dilbert in a completely separate and supposedly soundproof room. Alice and Dilbert are discussing what to do about Wally, who’s standing alone in the corridor.

Barack, David, the EU and Angela

Barack, David, the EU and Angela

Wally has asked for a pay rise so that he can afford a haircut; and Alice is uncertain whether to support him or not. She has several ideas. One is to force him to pay for his own haircut without any extra money. This is a strange option since it is self-evident that Wally has no hair to cut.

Another option would be to to engineer his dismissal. But that would cause chaos in the company because even though Wally adds little net value to the operations, other members of staff would begin to wonder if Alice might try to get rid of them too – and she is already the most powerful member of the organization.



Dilbert is there as a sort of proxy for all the other employees; but he’ll just do what Alice says anyway.

The punchline comes when The Boss and Catbert overhear Alice plotting to get them to take money from all the other members of the BOD in order to help Wally – and we can all guess how that’s going to work.

Now, if you have problems following my description of this ridiculously farcical comic strip – which is, incidentally, a very clever satire on modern day politics – you’ll find another description over on WikiLeaks.

Ars also describes it here: WikiLeaks: New intelligence briefs show US spied on German leader.

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