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Spam: Casablanca Revisited

Posted by on August 24, 2015.

I was fascinated to receive email from Peter Lorre. Well, possibly not that Peter Lorre. (I’m tempted to say ‘dead Lorre, yellow Lorre’, but that would be tasteless. Well, I’ve never handled temptation well.)

He describes himself as ‘the chief online consultant for marketing, sales and database management in the company.’ Curiously, he doesn’t say which company, but his email address suggests one of those companies that spam me at ESETĀ with offers of contact lists I don’t want and in many cases can’t be genuine because of European data protection legislation. (One day I’ll get around to collecting those for a Hall of Shame.) Anyway, he wants to arrange a conference call.

Sorry, Pete, but even if I was looking to use my personal web site for marketing, as far as I’m concerned you’re still one of the Usual Suspects.

David Harley

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