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Music, Security, and a Nice Cup of Tea

Posted by on October 19, 2015.

Tom Paxton once said ‘from Phil Ochs I learn [sic] that a laugh can make a bloody serious point.’

I’m not really trying to divert this blog into a YouTube channel, but just after I put together a blog here that included a (vaguely) security-oriented rant in the form of a parody of Cocaine Blues, I came across The Social Media Stalker Song, a parody of the Police song Every Breath You Take put together by Winn Schwartau’s Security Awareness Company. Well, I always thought the original song sounded pretty much like stalking anyway: it certainly wasn’t played at any of my weddings. And it turns out, according to Wikipedia, that my interpretation is pretty close to Sting’s (and he did after all write it), so the Social Media Stalker Song seems less a parody than a rewrite… (Hat tip to Robert Slade for spotting it.) If innovative ways of ‘changing user behavior one click at a time’ are of interest to you, the SAC site is well worth a look.  

And that started me thinking about other security-related songs. You probably remember this version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town. At any rate, I’m sure the NSA does (and remember it’s only 67 snooping days to Christmas). You may be less familiar with this anthem, allegedly that of the Cyberspace Administration of China. (I don’t speak or read Chinese, so I’m not really in a position to check it, but apparently the Register has, and so has the Wall Street Journal.

Of course, I’m not the only anti-malware person to have ventured into song: Graham Cluley’s anti-virus anthem at AVAR 2014 is an inspiration to us all. Well, maybe a horrible example.

And a few years ago I put up this little tribute to Paul Simon, who I’m sure needs no reminding about the need for good password practice: A Torrent of Abuse. And I did a little tweaking to that version of Cocaine Blues: Hack My Brain. I might even get around to recording it one of these days.

Not right now, though: it seems that my kettle is leaking my WiFi passwords and I need to go and turn it off. Is it me, or is there an unexplored connection between the Internet of Things and Resistentialism?

David Harley

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