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P’raps Microsoft Doesn’t like Google…

Posted by on October 8, 2015.

small_Windows-10-In-All-Its-GloryI’m accusing no-one of nothing – I’m just saying, OK?

I didn’t want Windows 10. In fact, I don’t want Microsoft. But I can’t afford Mac, and Linux scares me — so Microsoft it is. And I thought to myself, well, I don’t want Windows 10, but sooner or later I’ll have no choice, so I might as well do it now. I upgraded my Windows 7 PC to Windows 10.

The upgrade went very smoothly. In fact, not a single problem. Everything I had still works. So apart from the privacy issues and the security issues and the spawn of the devil issue, it’s OK.

A few weeks later I realized that I needed a new laptop. Right now they’re all Windows 8 — which I really don’t, purely from hearsay, want to experience. But no matter, they all say Win10-ready and you qualify for a free upgrade. So I said no to the discounted McAfee, but yes to a year’s O365 (memo to Microsoft: O365 might be compelling for business, it’s crap for consumers).

OK, so now I have a laptop with nothing but Windows 8 – and yes, after 10 minutes I know why no-one wants it. So the very first thing I do (apart from saying no to every option in the Settings, and connecting to the internet) is download Windows 10 and install it (taking care to say I don’t want anything to do with or from McAfee).

It worked for the PC, so it will work for the laptop, right? Wrong.

My first task is to download Chrome so that access to my Google account is nice and easy. Obviously I have to use Edge to do so.

mcafee block

Edge and McAfee don’t want Chrome on their PC. And where the crap did McAfee come from? I thought by now everyone in the universe knows I don’t want McAfee. Somebody isn’t listening!

OK, so I ignore McAfee and download Chrome anyway. At least I can now hide Edge away somewhere quiet and get on with my work. Except for that damn McAfee popping up all over the place saying don’t do this and don’t do that. I had a closer look, and got this:

mcafee secure

That’s a lie. Microsoft and McAfee should be ashamed of themselves. McAfee is telling me I’m secure. Anybody with an ounce of nouse knows that’s not possible. So the reality of McAfee installing itself when you tell it not to, is to make the world less secure – because now consumers will think they’re secure when they’re not. No matter. Let’s move on. I can remove McAfee later.

So now my next job is to check my email. Loading Chrome I check gMail. All is well. Now I need to check my Outlook mail from an account supplied by a client. It’s loading. I go do something else. It’s still loading. I do something else. It’s still loading. I shut down Chrome and start again. No good. I reboot the computer and start from scratch. No. I leave it for 30 minutes, assuming that the server is down. No.

And then finally the penny drops. I try Edge. Success!

So, in upgrading to Windows 10 it first tries to stop me downloading Google Chrome, and then absolutely prevents me from getting my Microsoft mail via that Chrome. What’s up? Does Microsoft not like Google or something? Go figure.

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