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Twitter App on iOS nags users for Photos Access

Posted by on January 28, 2016.

Earlier this week I was in Brussels talking about Privacy at the European Parliament – which is nothing unusual, especially as today is Data Privacy Day and this week is often referred to as Privacy Week in Brussels.

What did surprise me though was a change in behaviour I noticed with the official Twitter iOS app.  As of Tuesday the app has started to nag me for access to my photo’s every single time I attempt to post an update (either a tweet or retweet) and it seems I am not the only person experiencing this problem.  I sent a tweet to Twitter’s support account which to date has received no response.

IMG_0208[1]Here is the screen I am presented with every time I attempt to make a post – it is easy enough to make the screen go away, one simply needs to press the “Got it” button, but to be continuously nagged every single time you want to take part in a conversation on Twitter is clearly unacceptable.

As a privacy advocate I have no intention of giving Twitter (or any other app on my smartphone) access to personal files neither should I have to in order to use the service without being nagged.  So now I must find another app to access Twitter because clearly the official app has become unusable.

Well done Twitter, you have failed at privacy once again.

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