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Brexit – why I will vote to stay in the EU

Posted by on June 12, 2016.

I do not vote in British political elections. But on 23 June I shall vote for the UK to remain within the EU. Brexit should be Bremain.

Why I won’t vote in British politics

The reasoning behind both decisions is linked. I won’t vote within the British system because the political system is rigged. It is impossible to vote for change. Consider Blair and Cameron. They could be the same person in different face masks. Fringe parties that offer anything different (the Greens, UKIP and even the Liberals) are excluded and kept out of the system by the system.

British politics is solely designed to support the world’s wealthy families. That necessarily requires that the people remain subdued – and the methods haven’t changed in 2000 years. Bread and circuses backed by the Praetorian Guard have become Tesco and Simon Cowell backed by the Metropolitan Police and GCHQ. I don’t want that. I don’t wish to be part of a system designed to funnel wealth from those who create wealth to those who own wealth.

But if I vote in a flawed system I am merely voting to maintain that flawed system. I decline.

As a quick aside I also reject that ridiculous suggestion that not voting is disrespectful to all those who fought and died to protect freedom in the 39/45 war. They most certainly did not die to support of the police state that is modern Britain. And anybody who believes Britain is not a police state is blind to reality.

Why I will vote in the Brexit Referendum

The EU is also politically flawed. Its power lies in an unelected Commission that is unprotected from the corrupt influence of business lobbying. [See Dr Monica Horten’s new book The Closing of the Net – which will shortly be reviewed on this site – for more details.]

But the EU has three saving graces: an elected parliament; a written constitution that protects basic freedoms; and a judiciary that has not yet been corrupted by political pressures. It is the second one that makes all the difference. UK citizens have no guaranteed freedoms. The only freedom in the UK is the freedom to do anything that is not illegal – and with every new law, that freedom is diminished (Blair introduced a new law every 3 hours and 45 minutes of his tenure).

The UK has no constitution to absolutely guarantee its citizens any basic freedoms. The only restraint on the UK government is that which is imposed by its membership of the European Union and the strictures of the European Constitution.

If Britain leaves Europe, an unfettered UK government will rapidly spiral the country into total surveillance controlled and operated by the police and intelligence agencies, and all designed to prevent any popular movement not in keeping with wealth for the wealthy.

And that is why I vote to stay in Europe. Europe is the UK’s best hope for its citizens to retain any degree of personal liberty.

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