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FPTP balderdash

Posted by on June 26, 2016.

This has to be just about the most stupid, ill-conceived, undemocratic, authoritarian, thoughtless comment I have ever heard outside of the Fifth Form. FPTP gave us Blair who took the country to war against the will of the people; Brown who never had the will of the people; and Cameron who seeks to sap the will of the people.FPTP balderdash

FPTP disregards democracy and the wishes of the voters. It allows unfettered tyranny. It allows an inner Cabinet of a few hardliners to ride roughshod over the whole nation. FPTP does not provide democratic government; it provides a dictatorship disguised by the false promise of democracy.

Coalitions, by definition, provide better and more representative government of the people for the people. Government by consensus will always be better government than government by diktat.

I do not want a stable government. I want a government that lives in fear that it will be dismissed if it oversteps the mark.

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