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For f’s sake vote Remain – ‘f’ stands for Freedom

Posted by on June 22, 2016.

At last somebody has raised the privacy issue in relation to Brexit.

While the in-out debates have focused mostly on immigration, spending and so forth, it’s also important that the public gives consideration to their right to privacy. The UK’s proposed Investigatory Powers bill – or Snooper’s Charter – would make it easier for the government to snoop on its citizens, but so far the EU courts have been holding the bill back as it is at odds with European Law. Without this protection, the public’s privacy could quite literally be at stake… We could end up in a situation where British citizens have far less protections than their EU counterparts from their own government’s intrusions…
Richard Patterson, director of

You cannot have freedom without privacy. The UK government is determined to destroy privacy. In doing that it will destroy freedom. The only protection against that, and the only hope for freedom in the UK, is to vote to remain in the EU.

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