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Well, that was disappointing. Britain is leaving the EU

Posted by on June 24, 2016.

Well, that was disappointing. Britain is leaving the EU.

In my opinion it’s all down to immigration – and I think if Cameron had got better immigration concessions out of Brussels, Britain would have voted differently.

Immigration is – or at least was – a serious problem. Britain is hugely overpopulated already. Unimpeded economic migration from poor to rich countries within the EU is out of control. A side-effect has been that the UK has had to block immigration where it can – namely everywhere outside of the EU. As a result, a vast amount of talent that could have enriched the UK has gone to the States instead.

Cameron thought he could get a special deal for the UK. He failed; and the UK is leaving the EU.

I have never believed the economic arguments that the UK cannot survive outside of the EU. That’s balderdash. My fear is that the liberty of UK citizens cannot survive without the protection of the European constitution. GCHQ will now be prevented by Europe from spying on Europe. Being in the UK gave it some protection. Now Europe will come down hard on any UK government intrusions.

Instead, GCHQ will increase its surveillance of all traffic coming into, carried on within, and leaving the UK. Supported by an IP Act that will no longer be subject to any European overview, Britain is likely to turn into an absolute surveillance state. In rejecting a certain lack of democracy (that is, the European Commission), Britain has elected what recent history shows to be a tyranny.

Britain is on the verge of a new era. It can be a period of hope and liberty, or it can be a period of increasing despair. We will have to fight ever harder to retain liberty.

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