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Time for the people to take back control

Posted by on August 14, 2016.

source: Wikipedia

source: Wikipedia

The basis of the Labour Party in the UK is that it is the party of the people. Well, that hasn’t been true for many years – certainly not since Tony Blair decided that the people didn’t understand that they wanted an illegal foreign war.

Recent events have shown that nothing has changed. Labour MPs have decided that the people don’t really want Jeremy Corbyn to lead the party; and if it requires disenfranchising 130,000 members of the people’s party to prove their point, so be it.

Most people accept that the party is at a pivotal point. While there are existing Labour MPs who don’t want Corbyn, the people have demonstrated that they do want Corbyn. Where’s it going? An irrevocable split and annihilation?

That’s a possibility. But there is also a chance for the complete rebirth of the people’s party. If the people stay with Corbyn, where will that leave the rebel members of parliament? Hopefully deselection by the people.

Now is the time for the people to regain the people’s party. Stay with Corbyn. He is the democratically elected leader of the Labour Party. Get rid of the rebels. They are undemocratic megalomaniac careerist politicians who think only they know what the people want.

One thought on “Time for the people to take back control

  1. Braid Palmer on said:

    Agreed the free world or democratic society is no longer free by any measure. Successive governments in power consistently prove that we have a democratically elected dictatorship.
    The very people and system designed to protect and serve the peoples best interests have been constantly corrupted to a point where the people are now literally victims of corporate control and system resources. The police whose mandate to protect are used to intimidate and in some cases enforce this corporate dogma. Wars are waged where the people have not even been asked if THEIR country should intervene. But one truth is absolute politicians only have as much power as WE the PEOPLE allow them. If we stand together they are powerless.

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