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BCP or emergency preparedness for small business

Posted by on September 1, 2016.

I have mentioned that I recommend people get emergency management training. I have mentioned that there are all kinds of benefits to taking emergency management training. Maybe I’m a bit of a bore, but I take every opportunity to mention that people should get emergency management training.

Since I also teach and present about business continuity planning, I usually pitch to individuals. BCP is not something small businesses do well. Large corporations usually have BCP offices (or, at least, officers), and medium sized businesses can usually be convinced to undertake a project. Small businesses (and particularly the really small “startup” size that comprises most of the business in any community) are usually too busy to think about business continuity or emergency preparedness. Which is probably why so many of them fail.

So when our local emergency management office gave a presentation on a recent project promoting BCP (they call it Business and Employer Emergency Prepareness, or BEEP) I was very interested. And I found they have put together a terrific program and set of resources directed at, basically, anyone with a business licence.

An outreach program. An “if you only have two minutes” questionnaire. An “if you only have five minutes” planning sheet. An “if you only have ten minutes” questionnaire at a slightly more advanced level. An “if you only have an hour” planning form. An “if you have more than an hour” planning guide. Graduated for those with different time contraints or levels of interest.

You can find a bunch of it, and resources here.

It’s all free. If you decide to take it, modify it, and use it in your own area, NSEM probably won’t mind. (You might let them know what you’ve done with it.)

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