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British Politics – a short guide

Posted by on October 19, 2016.

It’s often thought that British politics is divided into the Left and the Right. This is not strictly true. The Left comprises the Labour Party; the Right comprises the Conservative Party – which are indeed, the two primary political parties. Beyond either is the extreme left (Marxists) and the extreme right (Fascists or British Nationalists). Lost somewhere in the middle, leaning left but neither left nor right, is the centre ground (Liberal Democrats and Greens).

But politics is never a straight line from left to right – it is always circular: extreme Marxists are almost identical to extreme Fascists.

Functional differences between the Left and the Right
There are only two differences between the British Left and the British Right. These are the End (purpose) and Means (methods).

For both, the End is the redistribution of wealth. Wealth is defined as the profit of labour (not to be confused with Labour). The Right wishes to redistribute wealth to the wealthy by right (not to be confused with Right). The Left wishes to redistribute wealth from the wealthy to the government, with what’s left (not to be confused with Left) going to the people.

But it is in the Means to deliver these Ends that the two main parties differ. The Right seeks to re-engineer society through fear of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (terrorists, paedophiles, gun runners and drug traffickers) to willingly accept acquiescence by force. That is, through social engineering on a massive scale. The Left seeks to re-educate the people into willingly believing that the State knows what is best for the people, from cradle to grave. That is, through social engineering on a massive scale.

From this you will fully understand British politics. It comprises megalomaniacs who seek to further their own desire for power through one or other choice of dogmatic principles. Ultimately, politicians are all the same – they just choose different Means for the same End of screwing us over in order to legally steal the profit of our labour.

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