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IPB Excuse #73

Posted by on October 18, 2016.

A new report from the government-backed Get Safe Online organization says that almost £11 billion pounds was lost to fraud and cyber crime in the UK last year. That translates to £210 for everybody over the age of 16.

No, wait. It’s likely to be £523 each, because that’s the average for victims of online crime alone.

No, wait. It’s likely to be even more than that because 39% of people hadn’t even reported the crime.

It is so good of the government to give us these figures in the run up to the Investigatory Powers Bill (IPB) becoming the Investigatory Powers Act. Now I understand the need for law enforcement and other agencies to see everything that is said or written or visited by UK residents (and probably everybody else in the world as well). It’s to keep us safe from all of these thieving criminals on the internet.

So let’s stop complaining about loss of freedom and privacy — what does that matter in the face of loss of money?

Alternatively we could just lock up the real internet criminals stealing our money. So here’s my suggestion to the government — I’ll accept more control over me if you make big business obey the law. Get Google and Facebook and all the other similar cyber criminals to pay their tax bills with as much force as you make me pay mine, and then we can negotiate over the IPB.

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