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Support scams and Balance

Posted by on October 22, 2016.

I believe in balance. All problems are caused by imbalance. Illnesses are caused by imbalances in the body; wars are caused by imbalances in the ether; and even support scams are caused by imbalance.

I had another call from Microsoft’s computer maintenance department. I wasn’t feeling good. I am ashamed to say I told him to fuck off. Generally speaking I don’t like to swear unless it adds poetic value to the conversation. This did not. I added to the ether’s imbalance.

Two days later he called again.

“Good morning sir. This is Paul. How are you today? I am calling you from the Computer Maintenance Company.”

This time I was determined not to add to the world’s imbalance woes.

Hello, Paul, I said. I was hoping to speak to you.

“Well, I’m calling about your computer. It is sending out signals indicating that you have a problem.”

No, it isn’t, I said. But let’s not worry about that. I wanted to talk to you about your work. How much do you earn with this sort of scam?

“What? You think this is a scam. This is no scam, sir.”

Yes, yes, of course it is. But let’s not worry about that. I’m a journalist and I’d like to interview about this whole thing. It could make you famous.

“Fuck off!”

Result. I gave and I received in kind. I have successfully restored balance in this small corner of my being.

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