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Brexit sorted

Posted by on November 21, 2016.

Angela bids a sad but fond farewell to the UK

Angela bids a sad but fond farewell to the UK

This Brexit thing worries a lot of people. Take Angela Merkel. You see, the German economy works best when there’s a strong UK economy.

Well, no. Forget the UK. When there’s a strong England economy.

Actually, no. Forget England. When there’s a strong London economy.

In fact, no. Forget London. When the City is doing well.

Sorted! The City of London is a bit different to England and the UK. It isn’t automatically bound by all the laws of England. Especially voting reforms. Well, removing the City’s ability to vote in European elections seems to me to be a rather draconian type of voting reform. So all we need is for the City of London to decline Article 50; and for Angela to say, hey, that’ll do — you can stay…

Well, we can all dream.

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