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China introduces new laws restricting freedom on the internet

Posted by on November 7, 2016.

China has green-lit a sweeping and controversial law that may grant Beijing unprecedented access to foreign companies’ technology and hamstring their operations in the world’s second-largest economy.The Cyber Security Law was passed by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, China’s top legislature, and will take effect in June, government officials said Monday. Among other things, it requires internet operators to cooperate with investigations involving crime and national security, and imposes mandatory testing and certification of computer equipment. Companies must also give government investigators full access to their data if wrong-doing is suspected.

Wow! If these damned communists go any further it will almost be as bad for the Chinese people as it will be for post Investigatory Powers Bill Brits.

The measures are part of a sweeping push under President Xi Jinping to control China’s internet, including the passage of a security law establishing “cybersovereignty” and making the spread of rumors and defamatory posts a crime.

What was GCHQ’s £1 billion project? Mastering the Internet? We haven’t gone quite so far on openly curtailing freedom of speech in the UK, but the IP Bill will have a chilling effect in that direction – because they’ll be listening. And just try making a joke (joke, guys, OK?) about blowing something up in exasperation and see where it gets you.

If British internet laws were enacted in Russia or Iran or China they would be damned by the western press. Think about that. China isn’t good; but the UK government is very, very bad.

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