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Kaspersky calls out Microsoft

Posted by on November 11, 2016.

Readers will know that there are many unhappy Windows 10 contributors on this site. We know we are not alone – but most of us who complain are mere users with voices that don’t carry to Redmond. Now for, as far as I know the first time, an industry leader has publicly said the same thing.

Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and founder of Kaspersky Lab, has published a stinging rebuke of Microsoft’s current persona: That’s It. I’ve Had Enough! In fact, Kaspersky goes so far as to accuse Microsoft of doing what most of us suspect but dare not voice: Microsoft is bent on owning the world. Here are a few examples:

Several years ago Microsoft decided to overhaul the Windows platform. Ostensibly this was in the name of better ease of usage, security, performance and so on. Behind the scenes what Microsoft was up to was elegantly seizing niche markets: squeezing independent developers out of them, taking their place, and offering users their own products, which in many cases were in no way better…

The trend is clear: Microsoft is gradually squeezing independent developers out of the Windows ecosystem if it has its own application for this or that purpose…

The company’s intentions are easy to work out: (i) to try and get everyone to head over to the Windows Store; (ii) to levy an additional tax on independent developers; (iii) to strictly control who can do what; (iv) to suppress the competition with standardization and regulation; and (v) to further gradually take over the whole ecosystem – all to provide stable growth of profits. Put another way – to have a totalitarian/police-state platform in which there’s no place for independent developers or freedom of choice for users…

He pulls no punches, but backs up his arguments all the way. And he puts his money where his mouth is:

We’ve taken the decision to address official bodies in various countries (including the EU and Russia) with a request to oblige Microsoft to cease its violation of anti-competition legislation and to remove the consequences of that violation.

He doesn’t quite say that he has already leveled a complaint with the EU’s anti-competition body, but the implication is that he certainly intends to do so.

Sadly, I have to say, good luck with that. It has always seemed to me that the EU has favoured Microsoft over Google. Whatever it is that makes the European Commission look favourably on Microsoft generally, will certainly make it favour Microsoft here. And that would be a travesty of justice, because I can find no fault with any of Eugene Kaspersky’s claims or arguments.

One thought on “Kaspersky calls out Microsoft

  1. A Malek on said:

    The only language that a capitalist organisation can understand is a loss of business.

    Although I feel your sentiments, it is destined to fall on deaf ears.

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