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NCSC joke of the day

Posted by on December 2, 2016.

I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when I say this from the NCSC:

Does the NCSC really believe this? And is that, in their view, because or despite the new Investigatory Powers Act?

“the safest place to live”
Well, that depends on your definition of safety. If it’s because the NCSC can now guarantee to be monitoring every single criminal in the UK (both before and after they become criminals – and even if they don’t); then, OK, they have an argument.

But on the other hand, they are now taking so much private and personal data from me and then aggregating it with millions of others in a few ISPs — where it will be a sitting target for criminals — that I am simply waiting for the inevitability of it being stolen and used to steal my identity. Safe? No.

“the safest place to… do business online”
Definitely not. I can think of no end of legal business transactions where I would not want the government to be a party. Especially if I was a foreign company wishing to do confidential business in London. Would I really be happy that the government has so weakened my security solutions that they contain a government backdoor? And that they could demand I decrypt anything I encrypt and prevent me telling anyone about it? No. If I wasn’t already here, I’d stay away.

Well he’s the European Commissioner for the Security Union. That at least is reassuring. It suggests that Brexit won’t disrupt UK/EU security cooperation. But wait. This is actually Sir Julian Beresford King KCVO CMG, nominated by David Cameron as the British European Commissioner. So he’ll be out of a job 24 months (or less) after Article 50. He must already be looking for a new job; but where?

Don’t let the NCSC persuade you that the Investigatory Powers Act will make us safer. It won’t. It will make us weaker, and frankly, an international pariah.

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