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That woman May does not speak for me

Posted by on December 29, 2016.

Theresa MayThis is disgusting. I’m fairly certain that the majority of Britons who voted to leave the EU were not voting to enter a fascist state. But that’s what we’ve got thanks to that woman May — who, incidentally, has never been elected to the office of prime minister by the British people.

Immigration was an issue in Brexit. There’s no doubt about that. It’s an issue throughout Europe. But I’m damn sure that the British people were not expecting to deport a Dutch-born Cambridge-educated mother of two children (born in the UK), computer programmer married to a British citizen and who has lived in the UK for 24 years. But that’s what’s happening.

And if you think that’s an isolated incident, consider this. We will soon be hearing on British streets that phrase we normally associate with Nazi Germany and Communist Russia: “Papers please”. The Home Office is planning to introduce some form of ID card for all foreign nationals in the UK. If you’ve got dark skin or a strange accent, prepare to be stopped in the street.

This new government under May is morally repugnant, not to mention stupid. How many of us have friends living or working in the EU? What’s going to happen to them? What’s going to happen to holiday homes abroad? Will we see a resurgence of last century’s ‘come home to a real fire’ when Welsh nationalists set fire to English holiday homes?

Stupid, short-sighted, evil and repugnant. I am ashamed of my own government.

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