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Get my goat

Posted by on February 24, 2017.

If there’s one thing guaranteed to get my goat, it is this kind of claptrap you find all over LinkedIn.

get my goat

Seriously? Has Dr. Ken Jennings really discovered the difference between success and failure? What is success? What is failure? Is a CEO successful and a postman a failure? Go Green and you will be a success (actually, politically I support that idea); but go Yellow (sorry Mr Farron) and you will fail.

Now, if I have to do everything in the Green list to be a success, then I’m glad I’m a happy failure. I do hold grudges. There are two grudges (both family) that I will hold until my dying day, and I have no desire or intention to be forgiving. Most other people I forgive (success) but only because I don’t keep project lists (fail) and forget them.

I don’t read much (fail) because I’m too busy forming my own opinions to slavishly learn about others’ — but I don’t watch TV (success) because I haven’t got one.

I don’t keep a journal (fail) because I’m more interested in what’s ahead rather than what has already happened and can’t be changed; but I say I do when I don’t (double fail): I blog, which is a journal but isn’t a journal.

I do not embrace change (fail); I simply accept it. Change happens. It’s the only thing that doesn’t change. Why embrace it? It will happen whether I love it or loathe it.

But here’s the big one: unsuccessful people operate from a transactional perspective. Well, that’s called life — just a continuous stream of transactions that we can shape but cannot predict. Successful people, however, operate from a transformational perspective. WTF does that mean? If I plan to transform my life it will be because of a transactional episode.

The biggest problem, however is simply this: by what twisted arrogance does any person believe he can define success and the steps necessary to achieve it. And by what absurdity do people ‘like’ it? Which, I guess, makes me a failure.

And I object to the sexism. If it isn’t sexism it’s some form of weasly political correctness; and I object to that even more.

4 thoughts on “Get my goat

  1. I *love* that they failed to spell successful correctly. 🙂

  2. Clairvaux on said:

    Notice how the successful person is, of course, a cheeky female, while the unsuccessful one is, obviously, a whining and submissive male about to collapse.

    Also, successful people don’t make stupid spelling mistakes smack in the middle of their titles, and don’t broadcast them in 48 bold all over the Internet.

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