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Posted by on March 23, 2017.

Regardless of any personal political preference, I have found recent political discourse, particularly in the United States, profoundly disturbing on a professional level.

I am currently a security professional. Absent discussion of the Parkerian Hexad, integrity of information is one of our three pillars. I have been a teacher, researcher, and reviewer of technical literature. Information, and correct information, has been central to my professional life.

Any time a US Congressional House Intelligence Chairman can make a statement that equates to “there is no evidence, but we believe this is so” I have to be disturbed. (Even for the infamous “weapons of mass destruction” there was a concerted effort to prove they existed.) When it can be done in front of a press conference without the entire cohort bursting into derisive laughter I have to wonder what in the world is happening. (There isn’t any evidence that aliens are living in Trump’s wig, either, but they are.)

The very acceptance of phrases such as “fake news” or “alternative facts” force us to consider a de facto (if not yet de jure) creation of a 1984-ish newspeak that is double-plus-un-good for reliability of information. (Of course, I suppose we started it all off with our creation of the term “social engineering” for what is known to ordinary folk as “lying.”)

(And I suppose this is all coming about at exactly the right time in terms of technology and innovation, since it is no longer “all just ones and zeroes.” With the advent of true quantum computing we now have qubits, which are both one AND zero at the same time–and, in some cases, any value in between.)

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