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Trump, Brexit and the Norns

Posted by on April 2, 2017.

The Norns

2016 is likely to prove a pivotal year in contemporary history. Two major votes saw the US election of President Trump and the UK exit from the European Union. It was a right-wing populist swing for UKUSA – and I called both votes wrong. I expected both to be close, but the other way round. I got it wrong because I simply did not believe that the Norns (those Mistresses of Fate that, over the centuries, have evolved into the Bildeburgers) would allow isolationist economics in a global economy. But they did, and I have struggled to understand how it has happened.

The most reasonable explanation I’ve heard came from a friend who suggested the Norns were simply caught off-guard – they simply did not expect either Brexit or Trump to win. The global rise in populism, originally triggered by a financial crisis that saw everybody other than those who caused the crisis – the bankers – suffer, was deeper and more widespread than realised.

This makes some sense. In the UK, it would explain why Cameron (a professed Remainer) ran an almost non-existent remain campaign; and why GCHQ kept totally silent about any possible external (for which, read ‘Russian’) influence. Neither considered it remotely necessary.

It also explains why there is now a huge and well-orchestrated anti-Trump campaign in the US. Having made insufficient effort to keep him out, the Norns now have to make greater effort to get him out. This is absolutely necessary for the globalist Norns. An isolationist America is a suicidal America. Nobody in their right mind would expect the rest of the world to sit back when an America First policy hurts them. The petro-dollar, and all the free wealth built on top of it, will go. America’s global tech giants will be made to suffer. Trump must now, belatedly, be brought to heel or made to leave.

But it does not explain the zero effort made by the UK Norns to reverse Brexit. It wouldn’t have been difficult. The referendum was never legally binding. Brits only ever voted to join a Common Market; and have never voted to leave it. News from GCHQ that a foreign government had influenced the vote could have been an acceptable pretext for a re-vote that the Norns could then have controlled. But they did nothing. It is the reverse of America. While there are strenuous efforts to get rid of Trump, there is no effort to reverse Brexit.

So, while ‘being taken by surprise’ could explain the election of Trump, it does not explain Brexit. There has to be another reason. And now perhaps we see it: the Great Repeal Bill. With Article 50 invoked, the UK government has just two years to transfer more than 40 years of EU-centric law into domestic British law – something in excess of 10,000 pieces of legislation. The only way this is possible is by invoking centuries-old powers known as the Henry VIII clauses.

The Henry VIII clauses will be used to allow the government – for which, read ‘the Cabinet’ – to change the law by proclamation (diktat) without reference to parliament, never mind the people. It is a massive transfer of power from the people to a central committee. The government will say it is temporary – but when have you ever known a government give power back to the people without the threat or actuality of revolution? Revolution is not the British way.

So there we have it. The Norns don’t want an America First (isolationism); they want a Business First (globalism). That requires a globalist US president, and a UK free of the restrictions of the EU – and especially of the binding oversight of the European Court of Justice. They were taken by surprise in America; but not in the UK.

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