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May must be out in June: our last chance

Posted by on May 22, 2017.

Let’s not beat about the bush — Britain was tricked into voting for Brexit by an establishment determined to break Brussels’ interference in its increasingly hard-line and authoritarian policies. Theresa May is implementing that determination.

There could be no IP Act nor Digital Economy Act if the ECJ has any say over UK laws. The solution for the Tories was simple: break with Brussels and remove ECJ jurisdiction.

The result is to leave the British public with no defence against a government that verges on fascism.

It’s probably too late to reverse Brexit, even if we wanted to. De Gaulle was right; Europe cannot trust UKUSA — and it probably never will again.

But it’s not too late to save Britain. We need to strike down fascism by voting May out next month. A coalition between Labour, Lib-Dems, SNP and (hopefully) Green MPs would be ideal. We’d still be outside of Europe, but could negotiate better relations. Better trade, better environment, better human rights.

If the Tory policy is a complete, hard break with Brussels, our policy must be to dissent by getting rid of May. In the polls. Next month. Let’s do it.

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