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Beware the New Fisher Queen

Posted by on June 21, 2017.

Theresa May has become the new Fisher Queen of legend — the wounded, impotent keeper of the Holy Grail (the financial supremacy of the few). The original Fisher King presided over the decline of his country into a barren wasteland; and this new Fisher Queen seems intent on doing similar. The Holy Grail will be protected; it is the rest of us poor beggars that will suffer in the new wasteland.

Her impotence is shown in today’s Queen Speech. In her haste to separate from the European Union, May has introduced a raft of new bills for the coming parliamentary year designed to facilitate her preferred hard Brexit. But there’s one new piece of EU legislation that she cannot avoid — GDPR, coming into effect in May 2018.

GDPR will happen in the UK. It will come into effect before Brexit is achieved. And it’s not actually all bad for the Holy Grail: the right-to-be-forgotten is a really nice, unobtrusive tidbit that can be fed to the peasants without upsetting the Grail. The problem is that it comes from that verdammt European Union.

No problem for our glorious but crippled Fisher Queen — she simply steals the glory by claiming it as a feature in her own new bill. There will, apparently, be a new Data Protection Bill giving young people the right to demand social networks delete any personal data they had shared prior to turning 18.

The Queen added that the UK would retain its ‘world class’ data protection regime.

Well, I hate to say (actually, I don’t — I get great pleasure from saying) that the Fisher Queen is talking through her crutch. If her Data Protection Bill is enacted before GDPR comes into force, then it will be usurped and improved by GDPR. If it comes into force after GDPR, then it will reduce the privacy protection that we will already have.

Reports say that the bill will allow young people to demand data deletion for anything collected prior to turning 18. GDPR says we can all do it and for any age. So, this is no advance; and potentially a reduction.

And finally, this suggestion that the UK already has ‘world-class’ data protection is poppycock at best and disingenuous at worst. The UK’s existing data protection is based on the EU’s aging Data Protection Directive — but the UK couldn’t get it right. There has been a long-running infringement action from the EU simply because data protection was poorly and inadequately implemented.

In some of the old tales, the Fisher King is cured by the Knights of the City of London. That is certainly the only hope for our own Fisher Queen. Sadly, if that were to happen today, the new wasteland would be confirmed. The Knights care nothing for the people, only in bleeding them dry. The country’s primary hope lies in Sir Jeremy returning to finish the job and dispatch the wounded Fisher Queen before the wasteland is irreversible.

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