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Windows 10 Update Disrupts Pen Input; Microsoft Offers Potentially Dangerous Fix

Posted by Josh Townsend on April 16, 2018

A recent Microsoft security update – according to Wacom’s support pages, the OS build 16299.334 – has had a rather unexpected side-effect. Many users of have been experiencing issues where drawing apps, such as Photoshop, no longer function correctly. For example, pressing the pen to the tablet device does not “draw” as it should, but […]

Google’s new Gaming Venture: A New Player?

Posted by Josh Townsend on March 16, 2018

Google in Gaming – Facts and Speculation In January 2018, game industry veteran Phil Harrison announced that he was joining Google as a Vice President and GM. With Harrison’s long history of involvement with video game companies – having previously worked with Sony and Microsoft’s Xbox division – this immediately prompted speculation and rumours about […]

Bubble Economies and the Sustainability of Mobile Gaming

Posted by Josh Townsend on February 9, 2018

Old Bubbles and New Bubbles Gaming is a technology-based market, and tech markets are no strangers to economic bubbles and the effects of them bursting. The market recession of the early 2000s, most commonly known as the Dotcom Crash, is probably the biggest and most influential ‘burst bubble’ of the internet era. The Dotcom Bubble […]

The Gaming Industry Going Into 2018

Posted by Josh Townsend on January 4, 2018

Is the Game Industry Today Mirroring the Landscape of the 1983 Crash? Given the industry’s early years, the continued strengthening of the economics of video games has enjoyed phenomenal longevity since its last recession. With the industry having survived two severe crashes in quick succession – in 1977 and then in 1983 – the fact […]

Are Crowdfunding and the Gaming Industry Failing Each Other?

Posted by Josh Townsend on September 22, 2017

Kickstarter Games’ Failures Crowdfunding has firmly established itself as part of 21st-century economics, despite a lot of early and ongoing scepticism. Prominent crowdfunding site Kickstarter, the centrepiece of these emerging economies, has seen more than three billion dollars-worth of pledges across all its projects. Ever adaptive and eager for new methods of monetization, the gaming […]

September Sketch: Machine Learning Takes Charge of Security

Posted by Josh Townsend on September 5, 2017

There probably actually isn’t anything to worry about with the U.S. military bolstering its user-authentication security with machine learning – being ahead of the curve on AI is apparently the only way to be sure of winning World War 3, after all. But one can’t help being reminded of…well, virtually every sci-fi movie and book […]

Industry Vs. Consumer: Pre-orders, Critics and Hype

Posted by Josh Townsend on August 21, 2017

Pre-orders: Selling Promises Every year seems to bring a new feature from one or another gaming publication on why pre-orders are a bad concept, urging consumers to reject them after various high-profile games have under-delivered on their promises. Pre-orders certainly have fewer benefits for the consumer when compared to publishers and retailers; a pre-order purchase […]

Game User Reviews: Power, Degradation and Overuse

Posted by Josh Townsend on July 25, 2017

The Importance of Customer Reviews The revolution of online shopping has been a long-standing demonstration that user reviews improve sales, encourage repeat web traffic and significantly boost a website’s search engine ranking. Even without unanimously positive reviews, websites which feature user interaction and feedback have been shown to promote engagement among users and increase a […]

Examining the Danger in Webcams and Connected Devices

Posted by Josh Townsend on July 3, 2017

America Exposed: Who’s Watching You Through Your Computer’s Camera? is a recent paper on webcam security by James Scott for the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology. It sets out to expose and analyse the vulnerabilities of webcams and similar connected devices, and the risks posed to consumer and business users, as well as the alarmingly […]

June Sketch: The Parliamentary Brute-force

Posted by Josh Townsend on July 1, 2017

The Simple Brute-force Attack That Compromised Parliamentary Emails It’s probably over-optimistic to assume that the recent attack on parliamentary email accounts had any white-hat intentions behind it, but if the seat of government for any world power is compromised on any level by a simple brute-force attack, it probably deserves a little wake-up call.