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Comment spam – a growing problem

Posted by Kevin on June 9, 2014

Comment spam is a serious and worsening problem. It is the practice of commenting on a website or web service for ulterior purposes: typically for SEO promotion; to lure victims to a poisoned website holding an exploit kit; or for political purposes. To put this in perspective, my old blog ( has blocked more than […]

Does the government run the spy agencies, or do the spy agencies run the government?

Posted by Kevin on June 9, 2014

The joke that dare not be taken seriously has always been that MI5 holds files on all major politicians — but now we must take it very seriously. It is the only proposition that fits the facts. It explains why Blair in opposition was on the side of the people in the First Crypto War […]

Edward Snowden is a Russian pawn claims a Russian traitor in a British tabloid

Posted by Kevin on June 8, 2014

When politicians lose the argument they attack the messenger. Having lost the argument over surveillance, they are now attacking Snowden: it is easier to depict him as a Russian pawn at best, or a Russian spy at worst. That is the line taken by the UK’s Mirror newspaper. “Edward Snowden was targeted by Russian spies […]

PROACTIVE use of the internet of things to detect terrorist behaviour in the public

Posted by Kevin on June 8, 2014

The hidden danger in Edward Snowden’s treasure trove of NSA documents is that it has drawn all eyes towards it — we no longer notice potential threats outside of the NSA. Take, for example, PROACTIVE (PRedictive reasOning and multi-source fusion empowering AntiCipation of attacks and Terrorist actions In Urban EnVironmEnts) — a project being funded […]

The Reform Government Surveillance Nine should copy the ISPs’ methodology if they want to change government policy

Posted by Kevin on June 7, 2014

Yesterday I suggested that if the Nine Nazgul tech giants seriously wanted to influence government they should look to the methods of Monsanto rather than write tame public letters. They could, of course, look closer to home to see how the ISPs have engineered a complete 180° about-turn in the FCC’s attitude towards net neutrality. […]

The tech giants’ letter to the Senate is just a load of fluff

Posted by Kevin on June 6, 2014

Nine US tech giants have written to the Senate requesting that the watered down Freedom Act be returned to its original strength. The Freedom Act’s original purpose was to curb the excesses of the NSA; but it was so weakened in its passage through the House of Representatives that many of its original supporters voted […]

China’s response to US accusations of cyber spying

Posted by Kevin on June 5, 2014

When the US authorities indicted five Chinese military on cyber espionage charges it gave the appearance of arrogance over diplomacy. Here was a country recently revealed to be the world’s most prolific cyber spy accusing another country of doing similar. What was the point of this? There will never be a trial, conviction or sentence […]

NQ Mobile – still in the balance following Muddy Waters negative report last October

Posted by Kevin on June 4, 2014

NQ Mobile, a global Chinese provider of mobile internet services, has announced preliminary results of a 6 month investigation conducted by a team of its own independent directors, and Shearman & Sterling LLP and Deloitte & Touche Financial Advisory Services Limited: together comprising the Investigation Team. The investigation followed accusations made by short seller Muddy […]

The danger we face from the NSA’s collection of facial recognition images

Posted by Kevin on June 4, 2014

According to new Snowden files discussed by Laura Poitras and James Risen in the New York Times, the NSA is “harvesting huge numbers of images of people from communications that it intercepts through its global surveillance operations for use in sophisticated facial recognition programs, according to top-secret documents.” It seems to be collecting around a […]

Europol, FBI, NCA and others disrupt the Gameover Zeus botnet — claim a 2 week window for users to get clean

Posted by Kevin on June 2, 2014

There’s nothing from the FBI yet (at the time of writing); but that will surely follow. In the meantime Europol has announced, On Friday, 30 May 2014, law enforcement agencies from across the world, supported by the European Cybercrime Centre (EC3) at Europol, joined forces in a coordinated action led by the FBI which ensured […]