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DOS challenges with

Posted by Sorin Mustaca on October 17, 2016

We were faced with a problem which was at first out of our control: “somebody” is creating, probably without knowing, a denial of service on this website. The consequence was that it was “consuming” the accesses to the database behind this WordPress site. The ISP hosting the website limits the accesses to 50K an hour. More accesses […]

How much is a blog instance worth?

Posted by Sorin Mustaca on June 15, 2015

I wrote in the post  Do you really know who’s visiting your website? about how often hackers probe my websites. IT Security News has of today this: 5,914 blocked malicious login attempts / was 2092 on May 8th 2,182 spam comments blocked by Akismet. / was 2115 on May 8th The login attempts more than doubled in just 5 […]

Do you really know who’s visiting your website?

Posted by Sorin Mustaca on May 8, 2015

We live in the world of Analytics where words like “Big Data” are everywhere to be seen. But, are you really sure that the visitors of your website or blog are really interested in your content? A few years ago, maybe… But now, the cybercriminals, or more exactly their bots, are trying to gain access […]

Why security recommendations often get ignored

Posted by Sorin Mustaca on April 9, 2015

I read very often about vulnerabilities and companies that got hacked. Many times, the reason for which they got hacked was because some recommendation issued by some smart people (read: security minded people) are ignored.   But why are they ignored? I found some articles where several explanations are given for what is called “information avoidance“. […]

Spam with a malicious taste

Posted by Sorin Mustaca on March 1, 2015

I haven’t seen in a while a well done complex spam with malicious payload. This one appears to be addressed to first name of the email recipient. As you can see in the subject, it is addressed to “SORIN” since my email address is sorin.mustaca@… The spam contains a nice piece of social engineering which […]

Blog comment spam. Is it worth the effort?

Posted by Sorin Mustaca on January 18, 2015

I have several WordPress blogs I use for various types of posts. In one of them, I have written some posts where I asked my readers if something similar has happened to them. So, there is a short article describing a situation and at the end of the post is a simple form containing Name […]