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Westin’s “Privacy Segmentation” critiqued.

Posted by Alexander Hanff on November 9, 2014

Professor Alan Westin was a privacy giant with research dating back to the 1960s and a professional career seen by many privacy professionals as paramount to the development of the current legal regime regarding privacy and data processing. It is without question that Westin dedicated his life to privacy law but his research was often private […]

Law: Cloud Big Data

Posted by Brian Bandey on August 21, 2014

”Analytics in the Cloud: Traversing a Legal Minefield” – To avoid legal liability, organizations that want to reap the benefits of cloud-based big data analytics must carefully vet partner technology by Dr. Brian Bandey, Doctor of Law When a corporation mines the Big Data within its IT Infrastructure a number of Laws will automatically be […]

Industry Two Faced over Privacy

Posted by Alexander Hanff on May 29, 2014

As an advocate I have spent a great deal of my time over the past six years taking part in roundtables, consultations, forums and conferences and during that time I have witnessed first hand the relentless push by “Big Data” corporations to dilute the fundamental right of privacy in order for those same corporations to […]