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Cloud adoption: who to believe?

Posted by Kevin on January 13, 2016

Rapid7 has today published a report titled 2015 Incident Detection & Response Survey, analyzing the replies of 271 companies responding to an online survey. Its stated purpose was to examine the size of security teams, any disconnect between incident alerts, and the security priorities going forward. Many of the conclusions will surprise no-one. For example, […]

Encryption in the Cloud

Posted by Kevin on April 4, 2015

The pressure to allow staff to use cloud storage is enormous. Not only are there strong economic arguments and business benefits, they’re going to do it anyway. So just saying No is not really an option — it’s better to have visibility into what is being used than to attempt to prevent it. But here’s […]

Law: Cloud Big Data

Posted by Brian Bandey on August 21, 2014

”Analytics in the Cloud: Traversing a Legal Minefield” – To avoid legal liability, organizations that want to reap the benefits of cloud-based big data analytics must carefully vet partner technology by Dr. Brian Bandey, Doctor of Law When a corporation mines the Big Data within its IT Infrastructure a number of Laws will automatically be […]

Nadella’s vision for a future Microsoft world

Posted by Kevin on July 11, 2014

When a company starts to die, it has to be reinvented. It cannot just do the old things better, or faster or cheaper. It has to do new things that lead the current world rather improve the old things that belong to the old world in which it was born. “Our industry does not respect […]