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It’s time to ditch compliance because most companies simply ignore it

Posted by Kevin on December 11, 2014

Many security experts worry that compliance is driving security rather than the other way round. Being compliant doesn’t mean being secure. But faced with the choice between the minimum to be compliant rather than the minimum to be secure, companies tend to choose the former. That, at least, is current received opinion. And it just […]

Hint to ICO: LloydsPharmacy is violating the DPA

Posted by Kevin on September 13, 2014

When I go into LLoydsPharmacy with a prescription, I hand it over, am told it will take 20 minutes and I reply, ‘OK, I’ll come back’. Twenty minutes later I return and ask, “Prescription for Townsend?” The assistant asks me to confirm my address, and hands over my medication medicine. That’s all it takes. Now […]