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Well, that was disappointing. Britain is leaving the EU

Posted by Kevin on June 24, 2016

Well, that was disappointing. Britain is leaving the EU. In my opinion it’s all down to immigration – and I think if Cameron had got better immigration concessions out of Brussels, Britain would have voted differently. Immigration is – or at least was – a serious problem. Britain is hugely overpopulated already. Unimpeded economic migration […]

The new Data Protection Regulation has been adopted

Posted by Tara Taubman-Bassirian on May 9, 2016

I have aggregated all you need to know about the new EU Regulation using the curation tool Pearltrees. The resource will be kept updated. EU Regulation 2016/679 (the General Data Protection Regulation, or “GDPR”), Text published 4 May 2016, enforceable after a grace period, 28 May 2018. Possible fines up to the greater of €20 […]

New EU data protection rules highlight privacy paradox

Posted by Monica Horten on April 15, 2016

The European Parliament has adopted a data protection package  that is being described as ‘historic’ and monumental’.  The new EU measures  update data protection rules for the era of the Internet and social media, including the use of data by  police  and law enforcement. The hot buttons have been the transfer of data outside the […]

ITsecurity Daily News: 09/29/2014

Posted by Kevin on September 29, 2014

The ITsecurity daily security briefing: Monday, September 29, 2014. If you find this security briefing useful, please spread the word via social media. If you have any comments or recommendations, please email kevtownsend at gmail dot com. News Papers/Reports WebThings Events M&A Alerts News With New Ad Platform, Facebook Opens Gates to Its Vault of […]

CETA + TTIP = North Atlantic Federation

Posted by Kevin on September 25, 2014

CETA, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement between Canada and the EU, has been finalised. It is expected to be formally announced this Friday, 26 September 2014. The President of the European Commission José Manuel Barroso will meet the Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper in Ottawa on Friday 26 September. The EU-Canada Summit will […]

Holder says European privacy will be protected by US law

Posted by Kevin on June 26, 2014

If the art of politics is to make it seem as if you are giving the people what they want, then the US and the EC are Masters. The people want Privacy. They do not have it in the current scheme of things. So the EC has publicly warned the US that unless it changes […]

PROACTIVE use of the internet of things to detect terrorist behaviour in the public

Posted by Kevin on June 8, 2014

The hidden danger in Edward Snowden’s treasure trove of NSA documents is that it has drawn all eyes towards it — we no longer notice potential threats outside of the NSA. Take, for example, PROACTIVE (PRedictive reasOning and multi-source fusion empowering AntiCipation of attacks and Terrorist actions In Urban EnVironmEnts) — a project being funded […]

There is no ‘right to be forgotten’; and Google won’t forget you anyway

Posted by Kevin on June 2, 2014

A lot of guff has been written about last month’s ECJ ruling that search engines must abide by European data protection laws. Much of this centres around the world’s media claiming that a right to be forgotten now prevails in Europe. Here are just three examples from the last few days: Google sets up ‘right […]

The hypocrisy of the European Union’s Freedom of Expression guidelines

Posted by Kevin on May 20, 2014

Last week the Council of the EU published the EU Human Rights Guidelines on Freedom of Expression Online and Offline. It is really aimed at non-EU states that show little regard for human rights — but the reality is the EU should look closely at its own behaviour. Consider just three extracts: 1. Free, diverse […]